Beasts are the most savage of the tribes. Mages often refer to them as primitive, due to their strength and low intelligence. However they are very loyal to each other and very protective of what is theirs. They do not believe in gods as they have no faith in something that is unproven. They have a language similar to the Giants, but it is less fluid than the Giants language. They live on average to 100 years old.


Violence before TribesEdit

Tribe TensionsEdit

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Within the TribeEdit

There are three sub tribes of beasts, each of which inhabit a different area around the Kytran Mountains. They all have different abilities and strengths.


The Merfolk are unique on Kytra and the sole inhabitants of the Sea.. They have a blueish tint to their skin, gills, and fins on the shoulders and heads. They often use tridents, and are a very war-centered people, meaning that even during times of peace, they would have no problem starting a war. They can breathe on dry land, but, they must have some source of water if they dry out, otherwise they will die.


Trolls are tall, greenish, up-walking Beasts. They are very strong, but are not very fast. Trolls are very clumsy, and not very bright, though the most gentle hearted of the Beasts. This said, they still can be war hungry during long periods of peace. Trolls live in the Swamp of Sorrow.


Goblins are short, stout creatures. They have wonderful eye sight and sense of smell. They aren't very strong, but are extremely fast. They can tell when people are lying to them, and are naturally distrustful, even among their own Tribe. They live in the Caves of Carnage, explaining the heightened senses.

Relationships With Other TribesEdit

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The Beasts and Mages have a shaky truce. The Mages despise the Beasts and see them as savage and wicked, though try to keep the peace, partly to keep alliance with the Elves and partly due to the fact war with the Beasts often ends in many lives lost. The Beasts share a similar belief of the Giants that the Mages are full of themselves, but also think them to be tyrannical and nasty, and unlike the Giants would be readily willing to war with them.

Dragons Edit

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