This page gives you the name of each Clan and the Tribes in each Clan. This page gives you a breif summary of each Clan. To learn more, go to that Clans page.


There are seven tribes of Dragons: Rainbow, Fairy, Dark, Water, Fire, Earth, and Storm.

Dragons are large, sometime scaled, winged, flying creatures. Some can breathe fire, while some can swim, and breathe underwater, while some don't need to breathe at all. Every tribe has it's own skill and magic ability.


There are three tribes of Spirits: Farie, Pixie, and Sprite.

Spirits, unlike most of the other Clans of Arale, vary greatly in size, from drawf tall, to bug small. Even stranger, no matter what the size, Sprites, a fairly tiny Tribe of the Clan Spirit, are as strong, if not stronger that Frost Giants, a Tribe of the Clan Beast, and Trolls, a Tribe of The Clan Human, combined!


There are four tribes of Beasts: Frost Giant, Merfolk, Goblin, and Troll.

The Clan Beast is the oldest Clan of Arale. Beasts are strong, but not very bright. Beasts are the most savage and ruthless of the Clans of Arale.


There are three tribes of Dragons: Warlock, Magician, and Sorcerer.

Mages are very powerful Clan of Arale, but due to this, the Land of Arale made it so they can only have one child per each family, drasticly limit their numbers. They can, in extreme circumstance, give some of their life span, shorting their lives, to save someone from dead, or increase their sight, or strength, or speed, or anything else that they need.


There are no tribes of Shapeshifters.

Shapeshifters are a mysterious Clan of Arale. They haven't been seen up untill fifty years ago, and are not trusted, but, as they can change their form it is hard to know when one is a Shapeshifter, or of another Clan of Arale. They only known way is to know the Shapeshifter's voice. When members of the Clan Shapeshifter do shapeshift, they do gain, while in that from, the powers of which every Clan/Tribe their form now takes.